Flores De Amor – Spanish for ‘Flowers of Love’ is a unique collection of breath taking luxury roses that bring joy through the wow factor of elegance. Our exotic collection of lasting roses will create a lasting memory as the unexpected beauty will be present for months on end

Flores De Amor – The Lasting Flowers of Love is based on a Spanish theme that will create a warm feeling of love for all types of love; Philos Love, a love based on friendship between two people; Eros Love, a love based on erotic, emotional and romantic connection between two people and; Agape Love, unconditional love and love like no other like the love for your mother. Flores De Amor is your destination for the perfect gift idea for her and for him or any other perfect person in your life.


Our lasting roses are essentially preserved roses that stay perfect for a year. The rose is harvested at the ideal point in terms of natural beauty from one of the fields of our supplier. The freshly harvested plant enters a proprietary process to absorb a specific mixture of 100% plant-based and bio-degradable preservation formula.

The preservation liquid replaces the sap and water within the plant, effectively forming a still-image of nature, creating a unique and 100% natural product. The preserved flowers and plants remain beautiful and unchanged for months without watering, light and virtually maintenance-free. The roses are arranged and packed carefully by our passionate floral designer and assisting staff for the perfect delivery.

Our luxury gold dipped & plated roses are real roses go through a specific lengthy process to get the look and texture desired to create a luxury like no other. As the process in lengthy we have summarised the process for easier understanding. The rose is first grown for the purpose of dipping or plating. The rose is then cut and shaped to meet the required standard. The next step is for the rose to be layered with lacquer to create hard coating and then a) dipped in molten 24K gold for our gold dipped siempre rose and b) gold plated in 24K gold and then painted for out gold plated siempre rose.